Marcel O'Gorman is the founding Director of the Critical Media Lab at the University of Waterloo, Canada, where he teaches studio-style courses such as "Rhetoric of Image and Text," "Necromedia," and "Cyberbodies." O'Gorman has published widely in the fields of media theory and criticism. His written work is reflected in his art projects, which often seek to materialize specific critical theories about the impact of technology on the human condition. O'Gorman's art draws primarily on sensor-based computing, video, and the creation of sculptural environments designed to challenge the disembodiment of conventional screen-based media. He was the first director of the Electronic Critque Program at the University of Detroit, across the river from his Canadian hometown of Windsor, Ontario. The U.S./Canada border has had a deep influence on O'Gorman's work, which challenges the borders of art and critique, theory and practice, mind and body, and even circuits and dirt.